Merical Electrical Contractors, Inc.
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Celebrating 40 Years of Confidence......


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The dictionary will tell you confidence is a firm belief.  Reliance.  Faith in your abilities.  Someone or something to be trusted.

“And I’ll tell you that Merical Electrical Contractors is all of those things.  We may be in the electrical service business, but what we’re selling is confidence.  There’s no great secret to doing basic electrical service work.  It’s when you go beyond basic, when the equipment gets more sophisticated and the stakes get higher that you’ve got to have the confidence of your customer, and the only way to get that confidence is to earn it.

“Merical Electric has been in this business and earning that confidence for 40 years.  In that time, our people have earned the confidence of our customers.  When we do it, it’s done right.  And our customers know it.

“If there is a secret in this business, it’s knowing how to work with architects, engineers, general contractors and equipment manufacturers.  It’s recognizing that you’re not selling electrical service work – you’re selling confidence.”

Whether you’re a commercial building manager or a project manager for large construction firm, when it comes to electrical service, all you need to know to have that assurance is two words….

Merical Electric

As a leader in the electrical service industry in the Greater Washington Metro Area, Merical has ranked among the top 25 Electrical Contractors by Washington Business Journal for the last 5 years.


As a member of IBEW, Local Union 26 and the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) we are able to provide skilled labor on demand, even on short notice.  Both organizations offer continuing education classes and seminars to all electricians to keep them up with the latest in changing technology.  NECA also extends our training to our project managers and estimators to ensure projects are bid and managed cost-effectively.  Our communications technicians are both BICSI and Siemon certified in installing copper and fiber for networks and experienced in telephone systems installation and programming.


We have a long list of satisfied customers. Most of them have developed into excellent working relationships over many years.  Some of those who have “confidence” in the knowledge and experience we provide are Georgetown University, The World Bank for International Reconstruction and Development, Patner Construction, Whiting-Turner Contracting and Tuckman-Barbee Construction.




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